L.D. Ofner BMBLDO at
Mon Jul 21 05:57:17 EST 1997


I have been trying to use the Web Tool ESTBlast as a way of searching for 
matches in the EST division of GENBANK with my particular query sequences. My 
query sequences are partial length clone/EST's and what I want to do using 
BLAST is to see if I can extend one of the sequences to full length (full 
sequence not known) with matching EST'S which I can then use to obtain a full 
length clone. The full sequence for the other clone is known but I need to 
obtain the full length using this method for expression purposes i.e if I can 
find a number of EST'S in the database that collectively cover the full 
sequence I can use them to make a full length clone. I have heard of other 
people successfully doing this thus avoiding a lot of the tedious lab work 
involving repeated screenings of libraries. I have a password etc to access 
this tool on the website using the HGMP resource centre services and have 
attempted to use ESTBlast following the method set out in the tutorial but 
when I try to fetch an accession number nothing comes up in the sequence box 
or if I try to paste a sequence in still nothing happens. I also have access 
to TELNET/VAX(?) services, can I do something on these ? I am not much of a 
computer buff so user friendly terms would be appreciated ! Can anybody help 
me! I would be extremely grateful for any advice. 

Thanks, Lisa.   

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