Two Post Doctural Positions in Nucleic Acid Chemistry

Len Adleman adleman at
Mon Jul 21 15:46:59 EST 1997

Post Doctoral Positions - Nucleic Acid chemistry
Laboratory for Molecular Science
University of Southern California

Two Post Doctoral Positions in Nucleic Acid chemistry are available at
the Laboratory for Molecular Science at the University of Southern
California. Basic  research  related to the construction of a molecular
computer (L. Adleman, `Molecular computation of solutions to
combinatorial problems’, Science, 266:1021-1024, Nov. 11, 1994). 
Experience in solid support synthesis of oligonucleotides and  the uses
of nucleotide analogues are desired.  Research directed by Professors
Leonard Adleman and Myron Goodman.
Please submit letters and resume by email to Dr. Nickolas Chelyapov  at
chelyapo at

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