what makes a NEW protein??

Huang Ke-xue khuang at CHEMVX.CHEM.TAMU.EDU
Tue Jul 22 09:49:29 EST 1997

Hi, Hohoff,

Are your 2bp changed protein lost its original function?

As I know, some protein even you change one bp at active site, new function
 produced, some keep its original function, some lost completely.


>My question is not that philosophical:
>if you have a protein of 130 aa ('x')and you find another one with just
>one aa exchange (2 bp exchanged, y) - do you really have a NEW protein 
>wich you can publish elsewhere (stating at least: x 99% identical to y...)?
>I have observed this twice with the same protein and wondered because I
>thought that a minimum of 5% will create a 'new' protein. Are there any
>(nomenclature) rules for the scientific community?
>Best regards, Carsten Hohoff
>Dept. of Biochem, Muenster

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