Antisense inhibition of translation control?

Wolfgang Schechinger wgschech at
Thu Jul 24 08:36:57 EST 1997

Harry, you could label your oligos with fluorescein or another dye, 
as some companies that make primers for sequencing can do.. 

BTW, what do you mean with "positive control"? How do you design your 
control experiments?


> Hi folks --
>  I am looking for an assay or a positive control experiment which
> would allow me to ascertain whether antisense oligos were being
> taken up by my cells.  I know one possibility would be to look for
> the protein and see whether or not its expression is inhibited, but
> I do not have any antibodies to any of the proteins I want to
> inhibit.
>  Thanks all,
>  Harry
> Harry.Witchel at
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