Human Ig gene-diversity

Andrei Popov andrei.popov at
Thu Jul 24 11:24:19 EST 1997

Troels Wind wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm currently trying to collect some data on the HUMAN Ig-loci and now
> I turn to you for some easy obtainable info.     ^^^^^
> The problem is that I cant find any refs that states the accurate number
> of various Ig gene-segments in humans, only those in mouse.

if it is _easy_ obtainable info (which indeed IS the case) why bother

 So far I've
> got the following:
> #VH fragments: 51 (something tells me that the true number is 49...?)

look for papers by Ian Tomlinson and Graham Cook
Immunol Today etc.
Also I.Tomlinson maintains a database of human V genes
at the LMB MRC Cambridge UK - check WWW

> #D fragments: ?

around 28-29

S. Williams 1997 JMB

> #JH fragments: ?

T. Rabbits et al.

> #VL(kappa) fragments: ?

H. Zachau et al.

> #VL(lambda) fragments: 37

fewer, around 30-31 functional 

Williams, Frippiat, Ignatovitch

> #JL(kappa) fragments: 5

> #JL(lambda) fragments: ?

7, Vasicek and Leder

> Evidently this is a very incomplete list, can you help me out?
> Thanks in advance!
> Troels Wind
> Aarhus University
> Denmark

best wishes


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