antisense oligo control

Mr. G. Morley gmorley at
Thu Jul 24 11:09:16 EST 1997

>Hi folks --
>        I am looking for an assay or a positive control experiment which 
>would allow me to ascertain whether antisense oligos were being taken up 
>by my cells.  I know one possibility would be to look for the protein 
>and see whether or not its expression is inhibited, but I do not have 
>any antibodies to any of the proteins I want to inhibit.
>        Thanks all,
>        Harry
>Harry.Witchel at

Hmmmm.. what about using a control oligo that will kill cells if it
is expressed.. perhaps to some essential house keeping gene.
ALthough you obviously could not use this oligo in a co-infection
with your desired oligo you could at least see if your cells are
capable of taking up oligos.... not sure what y ou would use though.
Anti- Ras would certainly handicap them but not sure of its lethality.

Gary Morley
gmorley at

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