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>Dear colleagues,
>In order to reduce the amount of chemical waste, our lab would like to recycle
>the MeOH/HAc destain we use for Coomassie stained gels, by removing the stain.
>Has anyone figured out a convenient way of doing this? Is activated carbon the
>best thing to use, or will filtration through a thick stack of paper do?
>Any suggestions are welcome,
>Marc Werten (m.w.t.werten at
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Foam bungs seem to pull out the blue dye pretty well - I used to drop one
in to speed up destaining.

An alternative is to use a colloidal coomassie stain (which is what I do
now).  Its available from several people (Integrated Separation Systems
Pro-Blue and Sigma, at least) or you can make it yourself. Then you don't
need to destain, thought the constituents may be worse than MeOH/Acetic
acid: phosphoric acid, ammonium sulphate and MeOH

The original reference is:

Neuhoff V, Arold N, Taube D, Ehrhardt W: Improved staining of proteins in
polyacrylamide gels including isoelectric focusing gels with clear
background at nanogram sensitivity using Coomassie Brilliant Blue G-250 and
R-250. Electrophoresis 1988, 9:255-262.

First heard of it here on methods and reagents....


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