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> Dear colleagues,
> In order to reduce the amount of chemical waste, our lab would like to recycle
> the MeOH/HAc destain we use for Coomassie stained gels, by removing the stain.
> Has anyone figured out a convenient way of doing this? Is activated carbon the
> best thing to use, or will filtration through a thick stack of paper do?
> Any suggestions are welcome,

In a previous laboratory, we used activated carbon in an old tube gel
destaining apparatus that I believe used to be sold by Hoefer (probably
isn't on the market anymore). This was a perfect setup for recycling
destain. All you had to do was pour in the stain and place the apparatus on
a magnetic stir platform. The stir bar created a flow through the carbon
filter and rapidly removed the CBB from the destain. The carbon lasted for
many cycles, but the filter could also be refilled with fresh activated
carbon when it began to lose binding activity. If you decide to use a
similar setup, you may want to keep it in a fume hood.


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