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Bob Steinberg rsteinbe at etowah.uokhsc.edu
Fri Jul 25 11:09:07 EST 1997

dicroot wrote:
> I had been trying to study short transcripts from an invitro
> transcription experiment, and used a 25% PAGE. After the gel
> was run, it was extremely difficult to get the gel to stick
> to a Whatman 3MM in order to dry it. It's the first time that
> I am handling a large, 0.4mm gel of this high acrylamide concn.
> We have tried a couple of times, and invariably ended up
> in a folded, torn gel that wouldn't stick to the paper, though
> it comes off the glass plate during MeOH-AcOH fixing.
> Any suggstions ? Please reply to pradeep at boseinst.ernet.in
> Thank you.
> Pradeep Parrack
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I don't remember the details, but you can mix linear polyacrylamide into
gel solutions with much lower acrylamide concentrations to get the
effect that you are after without the mechanical problems.

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