Recycling Coomassie destain

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Wolfgang Schechinger (wgschech at wrote:
: Hi. 

: I suggest distillation of the mix. But I can't warrant that, if you 
: store the sol'n, that you also will get methyl acetate since MeOH and 
: HOAc will react (in a chemical equilibrium) to the ester. I only can 
: say that I used a premixed sol'n stored at RT for more than three 
: weeks without problems.

: You alternatively could switch to a more water soluble dye a ponceau 
: red, that is easily destained with a buffer containing gelatin or 
: othe proteins.

: Wolfgang

: > Dear colleagues,
: > 
: > In order to reduce the amount of chemical waste, our lab would like
: > to recycle the MeOH/HAc destain we use for Coomassie stained gels,
: > by removing the stain. Has anyone figured out a convenient way of
: > doing this? Is activated carbon the best thing to use, or will
: > filtration through a thick stack of paper do?

I suggest that you microwave the stained gels in water. Check Technical 
Tips Online for details. A rather environmentally friendly destain which 
is cheap and can be discarded rather easily.

I've tried it and it really works.


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