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Fri Jul 25 13:58:00 EST 1997

Hi there,

I'm trying to setup an experiment to analyze the differential gene
expression. I plan to use the CLONTECH's CLONTECH PCR-Select cDNA
Subtraction Kit and the Atlas Human cDNA Expression ARRAY I kit to
screen my cDNA library. I wonder if anybody has any good result from
using these kits. I talked with the techservice person in CLONTECH
today, and my impression is that in order to get good clean result, the
genes must have at least 10 times of difference of expression levels. If
that is true, then I maybe in trouble, since the genes I'm looking for
might only have 2 to 5 fold of difference. Any suggestion? If you know
any good differential gene expression screen kit out there and have any
suggestion, please drop me a mail. my email address is:
qzong at Ph: (206) 543-7096.

Thank you.

Qin Zong

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