Do I have a peptide signal sequence?

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 > know if I have the N-terminal extremity or not. This is the first 
 > amino acids of my sequence : 

You can ask Dr Paul Wrede (wrede at since he has
constructed several neural networks to predict signal peptides. you can
aslo aks the server signalp at that will reply the answer by

In the EMBL server you can have the macintosh
applications PLOT/A.SIG or Signalase, or UNIX applications Signal or

Transmembrane domains can be easily predicted with TopPred II that can be
obtained from the EMBL server or

More informations: Claros, Brunak & von Heijne (1997) "Prediction of
N-Terminal protein sorting signals" Curr Opin Struct Biol 7, 394-398.
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