SPAMS are killing Bionet!

:-Peter obrien at
Sun Jul 27 15:06:01 EST 1997

I think that bionet.molbio.methds-reagnts will be fine, since despite the
spamming, the vast majority of posts are on-topic, making a visit here

There are groups where spam makes up the majority of posts (ie.
b.m.proteins.7tms_r).  I feel that  these smaller groups are surely in
jeopardy, with many people opting out of participation to avoid the
nuisance of patently offensive spam.  Do a deja news search on 7tms_r for
1997, you'll see what I mean.

I did a quick scan of the last 100 articles posted to 7tms_r.  Not
counting over a dozen posts regarding the need to moderate the group to
eliminate spam, and about the same number of misguided "subscribe"
requests, only 15 were on topic! The rest were outright wastes of b/w, and
many should be rated NC-17 or X.


Please edit the spam-proofing phrase from my email address to reply.

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