Bad Labelled Nucleotides

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> Rick, although I am not a user of Amersham nucleotides I am frequent user 
> of NEN Life Science Products Inc. 32p and 33p labelled nucleotides. I 
> always find them to be of incomparable quality, stability and consistent 
> specific activity lot to lot. We specifically use UTP-32p for labelling a 
> number of riboprobes. NEN has always provided excllent product and has a 
> wide varity of choices. Give them a try !
> ps. They also provide a custom probe labelling service.

     I have long been a faithful user of NEN (owned by Dupont) products,
including lots of 32P-UTP. However, bad lots _DO_ happen. I had a bad batch
of UTP once, and I was quite certain that all my other reagents were okay.
Happily, NEN supplied a replacement vial, without indicating whether they
had received other complaints. Thus, I would suggest that the original
poster complain to Amersham and request a replacement, as mistakes/problems
can occur.

     Pam Norton

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