REF-52 wanted (please)

Beat Ludin ludin at
Mon Jul 28 22:19:32 EST 1997

I'm currently doing some research at the MBL in Woods Hole and it so
happens that I urgently need REF-52 cells. They're not in the ATCC
collection and it's very difficult and tedious to import them from back
home in Europe.

Would somebody in the US be willing to send me some REF-52 cells? I would
be very very grateful.

Please reply by e-mail (or phone).


Beat Ludin  
Dr. B. Ludin, c/o Dr. G. Gundersen, 7 MBL Street, Woods Hole, MA 02543, tel
lab (508) 289-7290, tel home (508) 548-9127

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