Semi-quantitative RT-PCR control

Eric Lader lader at
Mon Jul 28 19:54:03 EST 1997

On 9 Jul 1997 04:23:03 -0700, akirby at (Alun Kirby)

>I'm trying to start doing semi-quantitative RT-PCR in human samples and
>need a control reaction to confirm equivalent starting cDNA levels in
>each sample.
>I was going to use beta-actin but have been told that this varies
>between tissues. Any info on which primers to use and for what template
>would be gratefully appreciated. GAPDH perhaps?
Log on to Ambion's web site and read about QuantumRNA.

Oh, BTW, I am the developer of the kit. Any questions, e-mail me, I'll
be glad to chat about it too.
lader at

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