dirty RNA prep

Darius Hanna dariush at INAME.COM
Tue Jul 29 23:53:29 EST 1997

Hi Christie:

I've had  similar problems with RNA extracted
from frozen liver sections.  Seems that bile
pigments are ethanol soluble to some extent, yet
the final product is still green.  I'a afaraid I
know of no solution.  However, we recently started
using Omega Biotek's Total RNA Kit for tissues, and
whatever their secret, RNA always comes out clean.
Seems Omega has been a well kept secret for a while;
the spin columns work, plus they're half the price of
Qiagen's RNeasy kits.  I now get enough RNA from 30
mg tissue to routinely do RPA's.  And I think Omega
still gives away trial kits, so may want to give `em
a try.  Their E-mail is info at omegabiotek.com.  I can
get you the toll-free # if you want.

Good luck anyway.


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