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>hi, does anybody know a good source of 9E10 antibody (MYC antibody),
>one we use at the moment (from santa cruz company) is inefficient by
>Western blotting (1/100 dilution is required) and is very expensive
>180/100microgramm!). this antibody is sell by a lot of company, which
>is the best! any help wellcome
>Didier Fesquet
>Division of Yeast Genetics
>Medical Research Council
>The Ridgeway, MILL HILL
>London NW7 1AA
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>=46ax: 00-44-181-913-8536 secretariat labo
>Tel (home):00-44-181-343-2440
>e-mail:d-fesque at
Hello Didier (& others)--

We are one of the companies that sell the 9E10 antibody, as well as
antibodies against seven other commonly used epitope tags.  I don't
like posting prices on the internet, because different distributors in
different countries sell our products at different prices, and because
don't want these postings to be advertisements.  So if you would like info
about these antibodies, or about our distributors in your country, please
let me know.

Thanks in advance.

Tom Anderson
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