M13 T7 polymerase

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The T7 polymerase is also available in a lambda phage CE6 available from
Novagen if you are interested, although I guess this would lyse your cells.
although it will induce expression when infected into a host carrying
an expression vector with a T7 promoter

Bacteriophage CE6 0.2ml cat. no. 69390-1 $50
                  10ml  cat. no. 69390-2 $200

800-207-0144 phone
608-238-1388 fax
novatech at novagen.com

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Tim Motley wrote:
> I am looking for a M13 phage that carries the T7 polymerase. I have a T7
> construct of a lethal gene. I would like to grow it up and then infect
> with the M13-T7 phage to induce the gene.

Such a phage is available from Invitrogen with their pRSET Xpress 
expression kit.  I don't know if they sell it separately.

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