dirty RNA prep

Harald Sigmund harald at mol.univie.ac.at
Wed Jul 30 22:13:03 EST 1997

In article <5rl3mm$1d44 at r02n01.cac.psu.edu>, cfb7 at psu.edu says...
>I purified total RNA from mouse liver and spleen and while the spleen
>RNA is clean and usable, the liver RNA is filthy.  It has a greenish
>-yellow tint and a 260/280 ratio of 1.02.  My suspicion is that the
>contaminating stuff is bile salts, but I don't know how to remove them.
> Phenol:chloroform extraction didn't help.  Any hints?  Thanks,

the look-like sounds like bile salts...
I would try some ion exchange steps, for example using columnns similar to 
Quiagen plasmid prep tips, they are available e.g. from Machery-Nagel and 
(not sure) from Quiagen as well. However, several other companies 
undoubtedly produce such stuff as well. Please mail me if you got success 
(or not) using this.

best wishes and good luck,


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