The best DNA analysis software?

ilyas m khan khan at
Sun Jul 27 04:26:58 EST 1997

dear eric,

      i to use a mac for analysis of sequence data. some people in the lab
use MacVector, which they tell has some good features (its pretty all
inclusive, containing alignment, restriction patterns, restriction data,
cloning, primer info) but tends to be 'clunky'. GeneJockey is also used in
the lab by another group, also for the mac, and has recieved a similar
verdict of sort of okay, but 'clunky', i.e. sometimes is just too much,
when a simple interface and quick clean graphics would suffice especially
when you're doing repetitive tasks.

      me personally, i like to use the best features of many packages many
of them free! DNA analysis, simple stuff, like restriction analysis, orf
analysis, conversion to protein and simple protein analysis is done using
DNA Strider (i think this progranm was writeen for the mac only), a
shareware program which is basic, simple to the point, not overelaborated
and the best program i've ever seen for DNA analysis. For alignments i use
another shareware program called MACAW (also for the mac) which has a
great feel about it, i.e. its like driving a manual geared car rather
than  an automatic, in that unlike other alignment programs i've used
including the overpriced MacAlign (part of MacVector and sold by IBI or
Kodak as it is now) which is frankly crap in comparison. Primer design is
done using MacVector although most other programs compare well, although
Macvector primer design has a god feel to it. 

   hope this helps some.


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