Plant RNA

Frank Maiwald maiwald at
Thu Jul 31 03:40:28 EST 1997

Patrick HJ Falckh wrote:
> Hi People,
> I was wondering if anyone has a 'fool-proof' (or at least consistent and
> relieable) method to extract RNA from plant material; or direct me to
> the correct journal reference.  Any informantion would be most
> appreciated.

Hi, Patrick,

If You do not mind to mess around with ample amounts of phenol You could
try the method of Logemann et al. 1987, Improved method for the
isolation of RNA from plant tissues, Anal. Biochem. 163: 16-20.

Although it has the disadvantages of being rather time consuming (ca. 3
hs for 5 samples, excl. precipitation time) and using phenol for the
purification, it can be scaled up to any amount of plant material and it
is relatively cheap.

If You only need up to 100 ug You can also try the Quiagen RNeasy kit.

Hope this helps,			Frank

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