35S contamination while cycle sequencing

Zhonglin Chai zchai at COBRA.PATH.MONASH.EDU.AU
Thu Jul 31 02:48:28 EST 1997

It was 3-4 years ago that people had discussed this topic in this
newsgroup. It is believed that 35S is volatile, and is able to penetrate
the PCR tube wall during cycling. It is also dangerous when you guys boil
the 35S labelled sequencing products and then open the tubes outside the
fume hood. It has also been observed that the 35S may escape from the
tissue culture flasks when labelling with 35S-methione.

Zhonglin Chai

>Are you sure that it's airborne?  I have heard that this walled tubes
>gives problems with 35S contamination when cycle sequencing.  How, I'm
>not sure.
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