HELP! -- Protecting DNA on a transilluminator?

Aki Manninen ltakma at
Wed Jul 30 08:13:37 EST 1997

If You really want to totally ELIMINATE the time under UV the following
can be done (a little laborious though): Run a small aliquote of Your
fragment in the well right next to Your sample lane in a gel without EtBr
(Yes this protocol also eliminates the use of EtBr which CAN (not
necessarily) be harmful
for some applications (sequencing or PCR)). After run cut out the aliquote
slice of the gel and stain it in EtBr. Cut the aliquote band very tightly
out of the gel (meaning just the DNA not any extra agarose). Put the slice
back together with the original gel and cut out the sample lane according
to the precut slice this time taking a little bit bigger slice to make
sure you get all the DNA collected.


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