Quantitative Competitive RT-PCR

David E. Sluijs paspoort at dds.nl
Wed Jul 30 19:20:22 EST 1997

subject: discussion on Quantitative Competitive RT-PCR

dear netters,

I am busy writing a discussion for a report I hope graduate on. So at
the moment I am looking for some additional comments and insights on
Quantitative Competitive RT-PCR that will help me getting a more
thorough discussion. Here are some of the questions I am taking in
account: What are the strong and weak points in the QC RT-PCR system
(internal control: insertion of approx. 4bp; 5' fluorescent labeled
primer; genescan analysis/ABI 370)? What is the best way to validate the
method you are trying to set up. And are the results obtained with this
method reliable/reproducible enough to get accepted by reviewers. Is
there some strong literature discussing the system including the
disadvantages of it.

Thanks in advance,

David E. Sluijs
Pathology, Academic Hospital Utrecht.

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<paspoort at dds.nl>

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