TA cloning of a PCR product generate by Vent DNA polymerase

Bo Pontoppidan bo.pontoppidan at cellfo.slu.se
Wed Jul 30 11:54:22 EST 1997

Dr. Yu wrote:
> Does anyone has any successful experience in cloning a PCR product
> generated by Vent DNA polymerase? The product is 2.7 kbp.  I followed
> the
> InVitrogen protocol and incubate the Vent PCR product in Taq at 72 degC
> for 10 minutes, phenol extract and preciptate the DNA at room temp. The
> precipitated DNA is resuspended in TE and immediate ligate to the TA
> vector. I tried this several times but I don't get any clones.
Try to do a blunt end ligation directly with the vent pcr product.


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