Looking for sequence-specific agarose

Peter Wang plw at mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk
Sun Jun 1 09:49:28 EST 1997

Dear Steve:

This may not be the ad that you saw, but I have seen an ad for an 
additive for agarose gels that helps resolve bands of similar size but 
different sequence, and got some literature.  It is called Resolver Gold 
and is sold by Ingenius (UK distributors are R&D Systems, email address 
info at rndsystems.co.uk).  The additive preferentially binds to and 
retards A+T rich sequences.  I doubt it will pick up a single base 
difference though.  The original reference is:

     Wawer C et al. 1995, Nucleic Acids Research 23(23):4928-4929

I have not tried it yet myself, if anyone out there has experience with 
it I'd be interested to hear.  No company affiliation.

- Peter

> >steve <steve at msu.edu> wrote in article <337c4ac9.265389423 at news.msu.edu>...
> >> I am looking for an agarose I think it was advertised in biotechniques
> >> a few months ago. Supposedly you could distinguish between two
> >> sequences based on base pair differences and they could be the same
> >> size though. I think they said you could tell the difference even if
> >> there was only one base pair difference between the two bands. Has
> >> anyone heard of this (what company) or maybe tried it out? Any help
> >> would be appreciated.

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