Electroporation of S. cerevisiae

Stefan Backstrom stefan at alfa.mbb.ki.se
Mon Jun 2 06:29:13 EST 1997

Hello there.

I'm looking for the Protocol with big P for the electroporation of S.
cerevisiae cells.

Can you help me out ??

We also use a homemade chemiluminescent coctail. Works as good as 
Amershans and slighter better than p-iodophenol. Modified according
to A. Diaz et al, J BIOLUMIN CHEMILUMIN 1995; 10: 175-84

Solution A	68 mM p-coumaric acid (Mw 164.2, C-9008, Sigma)
		in DMSO. Store at 100 microlitre aliquots at -20

Solution B	1.25 mM luminol(Mw 177.2, A8511, Sigma) in 0.1 M
		tris, pH 8.5. First dissolve luminol in a small
		volume of NaOH and then dilute with 0.1 M tris, pH 8.5.
		Store in aliquots of 10 ml at -20.

Mix one A with one B and add 30 microlitres of 3 % hydrogen peroxide.
Incubate the blot for one minute and immediately wrap it in plastic foil 
and expose for 30 s, 1 and 5 minutes.

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