Just curious about a peculiar observation

Dr. Jeney Csaba jencsa at net.sote.hu
Mon Jun 2 03:52:06 EST 1997

zxz4 at PSU.EDU ("Z. Zhao") wrote:

>We are all aware of the super-cold and super-heat phenomena. What are the 
>physical mechanisms behind them? That is the question.

It is very simple, the freezing is molecule orientation phenonema, in
this case the water molecules should arrange in a special way...but
this need a very tiny energy (or some nucleating material) which could
govern the initial arrangement of the process. If you shake a bit the
super-cold water you introduce this tiny energy into the water, this
will results in some random rearrangement of the water
molecule....creating by chance a nucleating centre (a very small
frozen area)...this centre will trigger the freezing arranging of all
other water molecules in a cascade process.
With other words there is an energy barrier between the liqid state of
the water and the frozen state...and because the freezing is an energy
generating process a triggering event is just enough to start it...

Csaba Jeney

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