Very High Molecular Weight Markers

Mike Perry mike.perry at
Mon Jun 2 09:57:00 EST 1997


I'm trying to look at a protein of MW 500-800kDa by PAGE. (Yes I need to
use PAGE and not another method for other reasons).
The only commercial markers covering this size (just) I can find are
Sigma's P8906 markers that need to be run on a phosphate gel without a
stack (come with a warning not to use them on a Laemmli style gel and
sure enough they don't run well on this gel type).  I've tried the
phosphate gel system and do not like it.  Hence:
1. Has anyone tried these type of markers on gradient gels?
2. Can anyone recommend alternative high molecular weight markers
(ideally three) & where I can get them from.

Thank you

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