GUS with intron

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Mon Jun 2 11:36:29 EST 1997

See the paper Construction of an intron-containing marker gene: Splicing of the
intron in transgenic plants and its use in monitoring early events in
Agrobacterium-mediated plant transformation, Nol Gen Genet (1990)220:245-250,
Vancanneyt, Shcmidt, O'Connor-Sanchez, Willmitzer* and Rocha-Sosa,  *to whom
correspondence should be sent at Institut fur Genbiologische Forschung,
Ihnestrasse 63, D-1000 Berlin 33

These guys made the gus-intron construct and describe how it might be made by
anyone.  They may still be sending it out.  

Just realized you didn't say what kingdom of organisms you were working with. 
I'm assuming it's plants!

Good luck, 


>Subject: GUS with intron
>From:    plg-ttdt at (Tung Tran Duc Tuan) at INTERNET
>Date:    6/2/97  4:51 AM

>Dear netters!

>Has anybody come across a GUS gene with intron, in order to exclude 
>prokaryotic expression?
>If someone can supply me with a company name, -- or a clone, I would be very 

>Thanks in advance

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