TRANSFECTIONS; role of carrier DNA.

hadi al-hasani hadia at
Tue Jun 3 23:06:57 EST 1997

Under certain conditions the carrier DNA might serve as a blocking
agent for endogenous nucleases. By keeping them busy it might increase
the rate of survival of you target DNA (e.g. expression vector),  thus
increasing  the level of expression. However, I expect different roles
of carrier using different methods of transfection.  
I've got a 10-50fold increase in gene expression using carrier (w/
electroporation) . Since our cells are floating there is no way that
precipitation of DNA plays any role... 


On 1 Jun 1997 13:21:07 GMT, 9321531k at (Obaid Yusuf
Khan) wrote:

>I am curious to know what role does carrier DNA play in transfecting mammalian 
>cell in culture. Is it only used for precipitating the DNA in large amount so it can 
>be taken up by the cell or does it have any role after its successful entry into the 
>Also if anyone has been doing DOTAP or any other Lipofection (which does not 
>need carrier DNA ??) with carrier DNA would like to exchange some tips. Am I 
>right in assuming that using carrier DNA in Lipofection will increase the 
>transfection efficiency. 

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