Video data acquisition

Jil Tardiff jtardiff at
Tue Jun 3 21:31:17 EST 1997

Hi folks,

I have a very specific need for a video device..I'm considering the
Connectix Color Quick Cam but I could conceivably get ahold of a

Here's the story:  I need to record an experimental event. 
Specifically, we have some experimental animals that are dying near the
time of birth.  We need to document this in some way.  I also need to be
able to digitize the images.  

What I was thinking of doing was hooking the Quick Cam up to a laptop
and suspending it over the cage and somehow setting it up to take a
20-30 sec video sample every 5-10 minutes.  The video samples would be
saved to disk (probably a Jaz drive) and then reviewed every evening. 
It would be nice to be able to enhance selected shots in Photoshop *and*
post applicable snips on my Web site for my research director to review.

The image needs to be pretty sharp because we are trying to assess the
status of a small neonatal animal.  I should be able to rig up some
reasonable lighting.

The laptop I would *prefer* to use is an older 486-33 Thinkpad with 12
Meg Ram but if absolutely necessary I could donate my Tosh P-120 to the

Unfortunately I don't have a desktop machine at the site. I suppose I
could just hook up a camcorder and run it for 24 hours and then review
the tape and get Video Director, etc...but that 
would be a *huge* amount of work.

I would greatly appreciate any and all suggestions/advice.

If possible please post and email as my USENET access can be iffy.

Thanks for the help!



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