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brett brett at BORCIM.WUSTL.EDU
Tue Jun 3 08:28:40 EST 1997

>I know that sequencing gels are run 'hot' (50-60 degrees)  but should a
>thicker (0.75 mm) denaturing PAGE gel (e.g. set up in a BioRad Protean IIx
>apparatus), used for resolving radioactive PCR products in the 100-500 bp
>range in my case, also be run hot?  And do samples need to be denatured by
>heat if they're mixed with formamide-containing gel loading buffer?
>Sambrook et al. only has protocols for olignucleotide gels, which is why
>I'm asking.  

If you run your gel such, it is unlikely you will resolve in the 100-500 bp
range. Maybe 100-500 *nt* depending on your %gel, but it doesn't sound as
though that is what you want. I use the mini-protean system all the time for
low mw separations, such as you desire. I'd recommend just pouring a 5% gel
in 1xTBE (no urea!), and running at 25mA. No need for formamide (denaturant),
but I have found glycerol-based sample buffer seems to work better than Ficoll
buffers on these gels. Staining takes <5 minutes in 1-10ug/ml EtBr and bands
are very sharp. If it starts to heat or band edges are smeary, turn it down.
Good luck.
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