Dissolve Zinc Chloride in Cell Culture Medium

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> I am going to test the possible inhibitory effect of zinc ions on apoptosis
> of murine macrophage cell line.  It is well known that zinc can inhibit
> apoptosis in many cell types and I found there are many papers showing
> reduction of apoptosis of culture cells in the presence of zinc chloride. 
> At the beginning of my experiment, I faced the most fundamental but
> important problem:  the solubility of zinc chloride in neutral pH culture
> medium.  Obviously, the zinc chloride  cannot dissolve in the medium when
> the pH is near neutral (around pH 7.2).  No paper (as far as I have
> obtained) mentioned this (may be it is too simple).  And I was unable to
> find the solution from any chemistry books.
> Do anyone know the answer ? Please Email to me.
> Thanks !!
> Y.K.Suen
> Email :  yksuen at netvigator.com

Try zinc sulfate, it dissolves up to 1M (at least). 
Hope this helps,

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