polyA consenus?

David Tucker David.Tucker at mel.dbe.csiro.au
Tue Jun 10 13:48:01 EST 1997

Does anyone recognize a potential polyadenylation consenus signal in the 
following? I thought maybe AATAGC or AATTAT, but I am not sure. What are the 
sequence requirements for this motif (the only one I am aware of is AATAAA, 
but I've seen AATACA also). 

TAGgagtctgga tgtcaggcta ccctgggctc cctcagcgcc cagcagctat cacactcaag
   tcttaccctc agcatgtgga ggggaccagc aggcggggag cagagggtgg ctttgcttca
   tggccagcat ccatcataat agcaattata tttattatcc ctgaaaaaaa aaa

Thanks; David.

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