iNOS probe for Northerns (porcine/human)- does someone have

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Mon Jun 9 23:53:04 EST 1997

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>Hi! I'm looking to do some Northerns on porcine vascular smooth
>muscle, looking for the expression of inducible NOS.  If anyone knows
>of a source for cDNA probes (porcine/human or other cross reacting
>species), could you please let me know? As an alternative, if someone
>is doing RT-PCR for quantitating iNOS,  could they contact me?
>Ambal MD
>ambal at
>University of Alabama at Birmingham


We are doing quantitative (using an rcRNA as an internal standard) and
semiquantitative (ß-Actin as an internal standard) RT-PCR for human cNOS
and iNOS.If this helps I could send you the protocol.

Frank Pajonk, MD
Dept. of Radiotherapy
Radiological University Clinic Freiburg 

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