pLysS sequence?

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> > Hi! Anybody know where I can get a map or the sequence of pLysS? 
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> >       Thanks! 
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> Not unless its part of a genome project.  pLysS is an E. coli strain that 
> expresses lysozyme among other things (the DE3 version contains an integrated 
> T7 RNA polymerase under Lac control).

Not quite Jim!  You were a bit too quick.  You are right that there are
E.coli strains with pLysS in their names but that's exactly because they
carry a PACYC derivative plasmid, named pLysS, that carries the T7
lysozyme gene.  So the orinal question is quite logical.  I spent a few
hours a couple of years ago to look for the sequence or a map of pLysS and
pLysE but came away empty handed. (If you find the sequence Matthew,
please let me know).


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