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>@ Sorry if the title of this post is the moral equivalent of spamming, but I
>@ got no responses to my original message.
>@ I'm looking for some (ie, a few micrograms) genomic DNA from a Wistar rat,
>@ to use as a PCR template.  I hate to buy and sacrifice a rat just for this
>@ "trivial" purpose.  Does anyone care to guide me to some Wistar rat DNA
>@ and thereby save one rat from an ignominious demise???
>@ Many thanks.
>What's the matter wasn't "Free Money"  or "SEX SEX SEX" enough?  I'm sure
>PETA appreciates your post, but I don't. 
>The title of your post serves animal "rights" terrorists in several ways:
>-There is now a post in a scientific forum on the internet that any idiot
>with access to Deja News can find by searching on the name of these
>terrorists.  How's it going to feel when animal "rights" terrorists use
>your name and institution as an example of their propaganda-of-the-month? 
>If you've ever seen the publications and videos these groups use, you'd
>know that the context of a quotation means nothing to them.
>-It plays on the (justifiable) fears of many researchers of a terrorist
>organization in order to get their attention. This may seem trivial, but
>what you're doing helps to contribute to the climate of terrorism.  
>It also gives them a widely distributed example of their tactics'
>success.  (Have you ever gotten on an overseas flight and feared *even for
>a second* that there may be a terrorist bomb on the plane?  If so the
>terrorists aims have been met.  Political power comes from instilling fear
>in people's minds.)
>-It implies that it is cruel to extract a few micrograms of tissue from a
>rat, and that to do so one must kill the animal.  Have you ever heard of
>bleeding an animal to get PBLs for genomic DNA?  Surely someone in
>pediatrics knows how to stick small veins! 

	Maybe you can chop off a piece of a rat's tail and extract the 
desired quantity of DNA from that.  But *bleed* a rat?  Almost certainly
not.  Rabbits can be bled.  They weigh a few kilograms.  I work with a
species of New World monkey that weighs about 1.3 kilograms.  Five milli-
liters of blood is considered to be an excellent bleed, with 2 ml being
more typical.  And one typically obtains just a few micrograms of DNA from
a ml of mammalian blood, because most of the volume is plasma and eryth-
rocytes.  Could you get a ml of blood out of a rat which weighs, say, 200
grams?  We're talking almost 1% of the animal's body weight here.  Yes,
you can take that much from a human, but the monkey won't tolerate that
much, so this is likely a non-linear situation.

>I know this rant seems extreme, but there is never a good time to let
>one's guard down with these fanatics.  They are dangerous terrorists.

	Yeah, Peter, it does seem extreme.  Try some decaf for a couple
of days.  :^)

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