Taqman probes design: answers

Merel Patrick patrick.merel at crts.u-bordeaux2.fr
Tue Jun 10 07:55:21 EST 1997

Dear friends and colleagues,

After receiving a few messages of help, here is the consensus answer about taqman probes design.

The "guidelines for designing taqman fluorogenic probes for 5' nuclease assays" is a short document from Kenneth livak, jeff marmaro and susan flood, which is distributed by Perkin-Emler itself. So the best way to get this document is to ask directly to your local Perkin-Elmer distributor.

On the other hand, Amersham has an interesting new approach for designing ET-primers mostly for sequencing, but which may be helpfull in "taqman" like protocols.

Best regards to you all

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