Protein elution from SDS-PAGE

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>> Can somebody please send me a simple protocol for the elution of
>> from SDS-PAGE gels.  I've read about the electroelution equipment that
>> are out their, but I would like to avoid it if possible...Is there a
>> simple technique or apparatus I could set up for doing this?  Thanks
>> advance...Please respond to akopian at
>Simplest way to elute protein from gel is the electrophoresis in the
>dialysis tube on the horizontal electrophoresis apparatus.   You can
>observe that CBB is out from gel (1 W, abou 60 min).  Then, start the
>dialysis against a buffer after removing gel from the bag.

Easier way is:
Only soak the gel containing the target protein in the suitable
buffer overnight. Agitation may be helpful (but not essential).

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