short sequencing

Taek H. You tyou at
Wed Jun 11 02:42:50 EST 1997

In article <339CCF1D.53CF at> Lynn Hughes <Lynn.Hughes at> 
>Hi all,

>Just hoping for some suggestions with a sequencing problem we are 
>having.  We are wanting to obtain the sequence of our DNA about 20bp 
>from where the primer attaches.The closest we have achieved so far is 
>about 40bp.  Has anyone got any suggestions on how to get closer to 
>the primer attachment region.

>Thanks for your help.

While ago, I could get down to 3 bases from the primer.
All I did was that using Mn terminator and the reaction was stopped as soon as 
sequenase added. That alone probably would take quite a while internally. The 
bands were pretty faint but I could manage to read it by exposing the X-ray 
film for a weekend. 

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