*$!!@# SALES REPS!!

Susan Hogarth sjhogart at unity.ncsu.edu
Thu Jun 12 22:46:44 EST 1997

Lou Cantolupo wrote:
> This is to anyone who's a sales rep for any organization involved in the
> biological sciences.

<rant snipped>

> Also, if I (or "We" as a collective group) say, "I only have 15
> minutes," that means FIVE minutes.  You've got FIVE minutes.  Why?
> Because the other 10 of those 15 minutes are spent taking you to the lab
> and cutting through the BS and getting you out of the frickin' lab.  And
> if you set up a demo and say, "This should only be 2 hours," then that's
> all it should be.  TWO hours.  My days have been thrown completely out
> of whack due to WAY over run demos.

you seem to have some problems with being able to communicate
effectively with people one-on-one (though you're pretty good at telling
The Whole World your opinion ;-)  If it takes you _ten_ minutes to get
rid of an unwanted visitor, that sounds like *your* problem to me.

If you MEAN five minutes, why don't you try *saying* five minutes? I'm
not sure I understand why a salesman should have to understand your'
"private code" (ie 15=5), and why you should be cranky for someone
having the gall to assume that 15=15.

Your time management problems are your own. I certainly hope that you
don't have the same attitude towards your students' "demands" on your
time (ie you let them chatter on merrily, secretly steaming inside, then
take it out on them at a later date, in some other way...)

<more snippage>

> AND NEVER SHOW UP UNEXPECTEDLY!  The thing I hate most is being gowned
> up for rad work and then seeing you standing there passing me info on
> pink paper for some new Taq concoction that you're pushing.  Guess
> what?  I ain't listening.  I'm thinking, "Great, I've got this
> translabeling going on that I need to wash in 30 minutes.  I wanted a
> cup of coffee in between then and now this.  Mission: get this a-hole
> out of here."

Great. Then _both_ of you are wasting your time... and *you're* working
on an ulcer.

<more snippage>

Some of your other suggestions were very sensible. They probably would
make more impact, though, if they weren't poisoned by what sounds like a
Bad Day.

"Cow envy is more common than you would think." - doghair

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