automated sequencing on ALFexpress

Kiley R. Prilliman kprillim at
Thu Jun 12 19:32:47 EST 1997


I am not absolutely certain where your problem could lie, but I would
hesitate to blame the ALFexpress for the troubles...

A project in the laboratory where I'm doing my graduate research
involves DNA typing of class I HLA molecules, (which as you might know
are very polymorphic); this is being performed on (I believe, though I
could be underestimating) 5 ALFexpress units; the sequences for hundreds
of the molecules are obtained each month, and when compared with the
class I database, only a very low percentage must be "re-typed" for
verification...if we were experiencing the extensive problems which you
describe in your post, then a project such as the one that my laboratory
is participating in would not be feasible at all.

I would suggest contacting Pharmacia about this problem, as it could
likely be a reaction problem.

Please contact me if you would like for me to try to get you in direct
contact with someone in my lab who might be of direct help or who might
be able to point you toward expert assistance.


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