Looking for input on commercial Euk. Genomic DNA kits.

Martin Lake mlake at ROCKETMAIL.COM
Thu Jun 12 10:19:01 EST 1997

There seems to be a lot of kit-o-phobia these days, but I'm glad to
see I'm not the only one using them!

As for genomic DNA extraction, I assume that most of the commercial
kits out there work somewhat. Personally, I've used Qiagen's before
and it worked just fine. The only reason, I think, for choosing one
over the other is price and technical support for the product.

As for price, check out Omega Biotek, I think they're still giving
away free samples for most of their kits.

No affiliation (Qiagen or Omega).

Happy hunting.


P.S. Our system is down so I'll be using Rocketmail for a while. Sorry
for any hassle.

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