E. Coli Growth Curves

Joe Boutell boutell at cf.ac.uk
Fri Jun 13 09:54:11 EST 1997

pnh at ncifcrf.gov (Paul N Hengen) wrote:
>Jared Head (bijgh at zeus.bris.ac.uk) wrote:
>> I want to do a growth curve on my E. coli to see how expression of a
>> variety of plasmids affects them; what's the best way?  Can you spin down
>> the cells and weigh them, or is taking an OD more accurate (and at what
>> wavelength)?
>The OD will not tell you if the plasmid is stable in E. coli. For
>studying that you'll have to plate dilutions on selective media.
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But how about if you're growing the E. coli up in selective liquid media 
and measuring the OD 600?? They must have the plasmid to grow in the 
media, and if most of the bugs are chucking out a particular plasmid 
because its toxic, that line of bugs will take longer to grow.

Joe Boutell.

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