denaturing vs non denaturing gels

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>>bipin k. dalmia (dalmiabk at wrote:
>>> maybe the original poster wanted to know about denaturing vs non
>>> denaturing _protein_ gels......!
>>> i still think that we should split up this group into at least two
>>> groups: protein/peptide and nucleic acids.
>>There is a protein group, and it is called bionet.molbio.proteins :-)
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>bionet.molbio.proteins hasn't evolved to the level that this group has
>in terms of techniques/methods/reagents. here is what i propose:

Bad idea. bip's simplification would have us beleive that all methods or
reagents pertain only to proteins or nucleic acids. Where would I have found
the many useful discussions in this forum on cells, viruses, protein:nucleic
interactions, general equipment (ie. electrophoretic systems, gel dryers),
and scientific philosophy/wisdom I have been reading these past few years?

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