ligation of incompatible sticky ends ???

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>>Here's a little stumper for you fine folks...
>>The expression vector I'm cloning into will only accept NcoI/HindIII
>>inserts. It already carries a reporter gene, which you can excise by
>>NcoI/HindIII double digestion. I subsequently run such a digest, cut the
>>vector band out (9 Kb - the excised reporter is 1.7 Kb) and gel purify it.
>>Ligating into this doubly cut vector is being a pain in the ass on its
>>own, but when I do a self ligation control, I manage to get a few
>>colonies. I suppose there is a possibility of carryover of uncut vector
>>during electrophoresis and gel this what's happening ? I
>>always thought I was rather careful when doing gel purification of
>>fragments and this is unnerving to say the least !!!

Here's your problem: you're overdigesting with NcoI, which seems to copurify
with some nibbling activity (NEB only recommends 5-fold overdigestion, which is
rather low). I have seen this problem myself, and easing back on NcoI, or other
nibblers, really helps. Contrary to American dogma, more is not better.

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