Site Directed Mutagenesis Kits

Karen Weiler weilerk at
Mon Jun 16 14:39:14 EST 1997


I've used Promega's Altered Sites mutagenesis system in my current lab as
well as my previous lab.  It has worked beautifully to make base changes,
deletions and even double mutations.  If I recall, my ssDNA preps never
looked great on a gel (size, intensity ...)  but worked well anyway.

Good luck.

Karen Weiler

On 13 Jun 1997, Vernon Wayne Bauer wrote:

> I need to do some basic site-directed mutagenesis.  Nothing special.  It 
> seems to me one of the commercial kits should be the easiest way, but I know 
> nothing about any of them.  Does anyone have any thoughts, good/bad experiences, 
> recommendations, etc. they could pass on?  Thanks for your help.
> Vernon Bauer
> Genetics/NCSU

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