2-D: Orienting first dimension?

cgriffin at wco.com cgriffin at wco.com
Mon Jun 16 21:34:45 EST 1997

Well 'ol man may I suggest the following, notch one of the ends in a
consistent manner to give you orientation. Now if that would undermind the
task, try using a syringe with dye at one end. Lastly consider running the
gel with a visual marker at one extreme which could serve as a marker for
future use.

You Know me ....Musicman

> Don't laugh...
> I want to run a mess of first dimension (tube) gels and freeze them away
> for later slab gel (second dimension) analysis. So I expel the "worms"
> into a test tube. Now I can no longer tell which end is which.
> I tried injecting a little India ink into the top of the noodle, but it
> didn't stay. 
> Tried soaking the ends of the glass tubes containing unexpelled gel in
> bromphenol blue, but the dye wouldn't diffuse into the gel. 
> I'm sure all you 2-D studs have solved this problem, so please clue me
> in--via email, please.
> TIA,
> Jerry
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> Phonetic isn't

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